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Tik Tok Examples

Longer Form Examples

Basic Vision Board

Brandon is one great point of inspiration - his looks are always dynamic and breathtaking. I think it will be important to batch looks for multiple forms of content - if Ashley is going to spend an hour on a look (let alone like 5 hours?) we need to make it count. I think we could double dip and turn it into a YouTube video, multiple Tik Toks/reels, and can document via photo as well. This is all something I have the capability of doing (batching and producing multiple forms of content).

Videos like this mixed in are fun, light, easy, and the bread and butter of Tik Tok. Will do fabulously on Ashley's personal page.

More simple product promotion/day in the life/vlog type content, especially promoting makeup

Other trends, challenges, etc, regarding media, music, makeup, personality - anything. The possibilities are endless, and these will be fun to come up with together. One series that would be epic is "turning clips from tour into album covers". Great opportunities to incorporate Ashley's music in challenges as well.

Cute promotional content highlighting product - endless possibilities here - can easily create another mood board specifically for product promotion

Fun easy videos in regards to trends, "challenges", and more.

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