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A Week at Home in Cooperstown, New York.

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Amidst all the madness of Corona, I hit a point where I needed to escape LA.... badly. I had two weeks off of work, and decided to bite the bullet and fly home. During my time east I was able to see my mom and sister in Albany, New York, head back to my childhood home, Cooperstown, and spend some time with friends and family in Boston.

Returning back to Cooperstown was.... shockingly nice. I spent my whole childhood there, until I graduated in 2014 and went to college. I never really appreciated the town until I left - which I think is probably normal with wherever you grow up. But being able to return back, spend time on the lake and in the woods, and spend time with my friends who are still there was amazing.

V excited to be able to go back soon. Anyways, here's a selection of the photos I took while home.

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