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Calvin Klein Pride Collection 2020

Updated: May 28, 2020

I had the pleasure of working with Calvin Klein again this year to help launch their pride campaign. I began working with CK back during pride of 2019.

Calvin Klein partners with a number of LGBTQ+ organizations around the world year round. The example organizations this year include onePULSE Foundation, PFLAG, and OutRight Action International. Additionally, CK is a founding partner of OutRight International’s COVID-19 LGBTIQ Global Emergency Fund. The fund offers emergency financial resources to LGBTIQ organizations around the world who are serving people impacted by COVID-19, and supports OutRight’s work to document and respond to the impacts of the crisis on LGBTIQ communities.

#ckpartner #proudinmycalvins

The link below will take you to the site and score you 30% off sitewide. I do not make any money from this - it's not sponsored.

Images captured by Jack Garell or taken with self timer.

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