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Recent Portrait Sessions

In January I signed with a company called SHOOTT, which acts as a middle man between photographers and clients. Essentially, they book me for a day, and then line up the shoots for me. I show up, meet the clients, snap the photos, edit, and deliver. It's been mindless for the most part (meaning I can do it on autopilot), and I've met some wonderful people through it. The past two weekends I've had shoots in Venice and Pasadena, and it's really nice to be shooting again. It's nice to pocket a bit of extra money, and exciting to play around with some new subjects - I mean I shot TWO maternity shoots one evening.

The way the company is set up the session is half an hour and free for clients. They pay for the photos they like when I send them over. It's like 15$ a photo, 10$ a photo if you buy a certain amount, or $220 for the full gallery. I receive a percentage of the sales, or a flat rate if the client does not buy any photos.

It hasn't been a ~perfect~ job by any means, but having an extra stream of income and feeling creative during quarantine has been nice. Here is a selection of some of my favorite images from the past two weekends (of the galleries I am contractually allowed to share - clients can decide if the galleries are private or not).

If you want to book a shoot, please feel free to DM or email me!

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