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WELCOME! The Beginning

Updated: May 31, 2020

Hello world!

Welcome to the ~site~. Is it a blog? Is it a portfolio? Is it an amalgamation of Aaron's confusing and intricate brain? Yes, probably that one.

I've been tailoring online content for over 10 years and needed a place for it all to live. I moved to LA 10 months ago, and I finally feel like I'm starting to figure things out (and I think being forced to be alone with my thoughts so much during this quarantine has really played a big part in that).

As this site has come together over the past week, I feel like I've started to sense the direction I want this to go in. While I want this to be a professional resource, I also want this to be a look into my personal life and my mind. When people first come here, I want them to see my creative work, my videos, my photos, etc. But I also want to connect with individuals on a personal level. I want to share insights into my life (what I want to share). I want to talk about music and food and dating and friends.

Ideally, I'll be posting on this a few times a week with my videos, photo projects, podcasts, playlists, the possibilities are endless. If you choose to register your email, I think I'm going to find a way to do a weekly or bi-weekly roundup, letting you know everything that has been posted over however many days.

I wasn't even gonna share the link to this site yet, but my ass got impatient. A theme with life right now honestly. I'm hungry for things to happen and happen right now.

Welcome to


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